Growth Solutions

Growth Strategies for Long-Term Success

Forefront Capital Group provides robust strategies to help businesses achieve rapid growth without taking on unnecessary debt. For small businesses, our strategies help to level the playing field so they can court client accounts that would otherwise go to larger competitors. For existing and larger businesses, our growth strategies help maintain momentum to help them take their operations to a whole new level.

Purchase Order Financing Strategies

Reputation is just as valuable an asset as money, property or goods. Our purchase order loans can help you keep and build your reputation for service and reliability. We pay your suppliers on your behalf, which releases your goods for shipment. We then collect payment directly from your customers, deduct our fees and send you the remaining balance. Our P.O. financing saves you precious time and offers other awesome advantages:

  • Timely order deliveries to customers
  • Growth in your market share
  • No long-term debt or equity effects

Thanks to this convenient and flexible funding tool, you can keep building your business. Your customers are happy, you’re happy and you build strong ongoing relationships. Our purchase order loans are available for businesses in imports, exports and domestic production.

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