Working Capital Solutions

Working Capital Drives Business Success

Your business needs working capital to cover expenses, take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities, and to make plans for growth. Forefront Capital Group works with businesses of all types to ensure they have the working capital they need to thrive and grow. Our team looks for current and potential blockers ranging from expenses to cash flow, to finding infusions of funding without placing debt on the books. Whether you have just launched your business, if you are looking to grow your operations, or simply want to maximize profitability, our consulting team will create a strategy tailored to your needs.

Could a Merchant Cash Advance Help Your Business?

Small businesses often have greater financing needs than they are able to satisfy with traditional loans. Simply put, big banks don’t want to lend money to small business owners. Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Forefront Capital Group may be able to help with a merchant cash advance. If you accept credit cards and have consistent sales, we may be able to provide an MCA.

How It Works

If you accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or any other credit cards, we can pay you an advance on your future sales. This is not a traditional loan. Instead, we are purchasing a portion of your sales from you. As you continue to bring in credit card sales, you will pay us back automatically from your merchant account. It is a great option even if you have less-than-ideal credit.

The Advantages

There are many good reasons to consider getting an MCA. These are the most significant benefits:

  • The money can be used for any business purpose.
  • There is very little paperwork needed.
  • Paying it back is easy if you have reasonable sales.
  • There is no collateral needed.
  • You will get paid quickly.

Get Started

Contact Forefront Capital Group today to get started applying for a merchant cash advance. We will begin with a free consultation.