Equipment Solutions

Make Your Business Stand Out with the Best Equipment

Having high-tech equipment can make a huge difference for small businesses. On one hand, it allows your team to get jobs done more quickly and professionally. In addition, it leaves clients impressed with the quality of your work. If you want to offer the best services, you need the best equipment — it’s as simple as that. At Forefront Capital Group, we make it easy for small businesses to stay at the cutting edge with our versatile equipment solutions. Our team will consult with your business to understand your equipment needs, whether you need large earth-movers, highly technical tools, or anything else to maintain productivity and keep a competitive edge.

Invest in the Latest Systems

One way to use equipment financing is to upgrade your current equipment. Older equipment, while dependable, often lacks many of the time-saving features you get with modern devices. For example, carpet-cleaning businesses using certain types of extraction equipment may benefit from a new truck-mounted steam cleaning system. Restaurants using older payment terminals can streamline the amount of time it takes to serve customers by upgrading to state-of-the-art mobile payment systems. At Forefront Capital Group, we have a number of financing options that can help you get the right equipment, including equipment loans and equipment leasing.

Get Durable Equipment To Last Ages

When it comes to heavy machinery, farming equipment and construction equipment, it pays to invest in the best brand names. These manufacturers are trusted around the world for good reason — their equipment lasts for several decades or even more. That way you have dependable equipment that can take care of remodeling projects, new construction and other tasks for a long time, reducing your business’s expenses.

It’s true that this type of machinery often carries a significant price tag, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach of small business owners. Our equipment financing programs can help you get exactly what you need:

  • Low interest rates
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Little or no down payment
  • Significant capital for middle-market and larger items
  • Lengthy repayment options
  • Simplified application for most items

Take your business to the next level by investing in excellent equipment. Contact Forefront Capital Group today to learn more.