Cash Flow Solutions

Cash Flow Determines the Strength and Growth Potential of Your Business

Every business experiences cash flow issues at one point or another. Many times, the strain on cash flow can be traced to unpaid receivables. Other times, the issues are recurring, forcing businesses to place growth plans on the back burner. Forefront Capital Group works with businesses across all industries to help them overcome cash flow issues and prevent them from happening. We also formulate strategies to help businesses tap into their cash flow to achieve rapid growth and maintain forward momentum. We will analyze expenses, costs, revenue, turnaround on invoices, and more to remove obstacles and pain centers to supercharge your cash flow.

Grow Your Small Business With Accounts Receivable Financing

Like any other business, your enterprise needs capital to grow and thrive. But you may not know that you’ve got a great source of cash right under your nose – your unpaid customer invoices. Forefront Capital Group’s accounts receivable financing lets you tap into those invoices and get the funds you need right away.

The Nuts and Bolts of A.R. Financing

Financing receivables, also known as invoice factoring, lets you sell your unpaid invoices at a discount. Basically, you’re treating them like assets. We purchase those invoices from you and collect payments from your customers. Once you’ve gotten your cash, you can use it as you see fit: inventory, supplies, payroll, operational expenses and more. This fast and flexible funding offers a few awesome advantages:

  • Cash within 24 hours
  • No personal guarantees needed
  • No recourse necessary
  • No fixed payment required
  • Free credit insurance on qualifying accounts

As your receivables grow, your available funding also grows. Meeting seasonal demands, fill larger orders and servicing new customers just became easier. Best of all, you don’t incur any long-term debt or impact your business equity.

Position Your Business for Success

Forefront Capital Group’s consulting services can propel your business. Whether you need solutions for cash flow issues, or need a strategy for growth, our team will work with you to devise a plan so you can reach your next big milestone.